Whether it’s a killer headline or an in-depth technical article, you expect copy that works.


I’ll respond to your brief and produce content that does the job you need it to do with style and polish. I’m also fully aware of compliance issues, writing in highly‑regulated sectors such as healthcare and financial services. My copywriting work is often subject to commercial confidentiality and not available to link to, so here are some general descriptions:


Christine Michael - Copywriting services

Projects I’ve worked on recently:


  • On‑point slogans and persuasive advertisement copy for an events organiser
  • Benefit-led product descriptions for a healthcare e‑commerce company
  • Carefully researched case studies for a medical equipment company
  • Clearly structured white papers for a financial services publisher
  • Newsy blog posts for a consumer-facing health website
  • Informative web pages for a private healthcare provider
  • Effective marketing emails for a software developer
  • User-friendly website structure and content for a parish council
  • On-brand ‘tone of voice’ guidelines for a digital consultancy


Christine Michael

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